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Lumley Engineering - CNC Machining Services in Somerset

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Price - Quality - Service

In an increasingly impersonal world of business, you may find that the level of personal service you and your CNC machining requirements receive at Lumley Engineering refreshing.

This is not only to make you feel at home and welcome, but also serves a very practical purpose. One very clear lesson that has been learnt here in 20 or so years of manufacturing precision components for people is that the more time spent listening, the better the overall result.

In the case of CNC machining services, the overall result means more than just a finished component. By taking the time to understand your deadlines, budgets and the overall process, you can concentrate on other things knowing that your components will be produced to the highest standards of quality and conformity to your specification, and that they will be ready for you when you are ready for them.

Whether you need a fast turnaround on a single prototype, or a volume production run of components, you will find us flexible enough to scale the process to suit your workload. The use of Solidworks and SprutCAM to manage manufacture ensures repeatability, while leaving the path open to accommodate any changes.

Your Components - Your Way
Adaptability starts at the very beginning of the process too. You can either send us your own CAD model (any format) to work from, or drawings if you prefer. If you are at an even earlier stage and have ideas but no designs yet, we will be happy to collaborate on design with you to make sure your ideas become a solid reality quickly and practically.

Your components can be machined from a wide range of materials, both metals and plastics, either to your specification, or we can advise on the most appropriate material given the anticipated use.

For an initial conversation, call us on the number shown, or click in the header of any page to send an email and get a call back.