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Lumley Engineering - CNC Machining Services

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About CNC Machining Services

For product development, prototyping, test quantities and production runs, two basic services are available here at Lumley Engineering. All processes are Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) for reproducibility and conformity to standards, the difference comes between components that are turned and those that are milled.

In the most basic form, the difference between the two is partly in the name. Turned components being produced on a lathe, with the part turning and tools being introduced while milling processes hold the component stationery and introduce rotating tools to progressively remove material and attain the desired shape.

Dry Sump Scavenge Pump Body (1:16)

Which process is most appropriate to your particular parts can depend on the complexity of their design, the volume required and the material specified. When you talk over your requirements with Lumley Engineering, you get the personal attention of the person who will actually be programming, tooling and making your parts. Short lines of communication make for accurate interpretation and fast turnaround.

We are happy to work from your own CAD files, drawings or patterns, or can offer a full design through prototype to production package.

Check out the process pages for details of our capacity and capabilities, or if you prefer, call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email. you can upload drawings or files directly from there.