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Lumley CNC Engineering - Prototype to Production

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In just about every engineered product there is a prototype stage. This is where you find out if your ideas and design are going to work as you expected, if production on a larger scale is viable and most importantly, if there are ways it can be made better, faster or more cost-effectively.

Often the prototype stage needs to be repeated several times before the best result is achieved. The faster you can make this happen, the sooner you can get your product to market.

At Lumley CNC, we appreciate that, and make it as easy and fast as possible for our customers to evaluate and modify prototypes. When you contact us, you will be directly in touch with the engineer responsible for your work. This short chain of communication makes it easier for everyone involved to make their input count.

You can start from your own design, or CAD model, or if you don't have the facilities, the design process can be interactive; you tell us what you want, and we make the CAD model or 3D printed example. Going on from there, your prototype item becomes solid in whatever material is required and through a very fast evaluate and modify cycle, changes can be made to the item itself or the method used until you are happy that everything is as you envisaged it.

By this stage, not only will the product be ready to go into limited or bulk production, but the CNC programmes to make it will be established and tested so the step from prototype to production is virtually seamless.

If you have designs or ideas that need the testing only a prototype can give, drop us a line or call and let us know what you want.